18 creative storage solutions

My husband and I will soon be moving into a new home with about 40 percent less square feet. While this move will be great for us in the future, it is a challenge at the moment. When you lose that much space, you have three choices; rent a storage building, get rid of things you don’t, or find creative storage solutions for your belongings.

We have decided to use creative storage solutions in order to organize our lives. In the process of discovering our options, I have come up with 18 awesome storage solutions. These unique and creative ideas and products will help everyone live a more organized life.

1. Storage Under Your Bed

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While looking at new bed frames recently, I came across this gem on Walmart.com. This is the Spa Sensations Steel Smart Base Bed Frame. Not only does it give you additional space beneath the bed, it eliminates the need for a box spring all together. It is also very inexpensive and has great customer reviews.

I will personally be purchasing one soon and look forward to the additional storage we will gain beneath our bed. All you will need to complete the storage possibilities are rolling storage containers that span the width of your bed. How cool is that?

2. Storage inside the Stairs

creative storage solutions
When you have stairs, you either have a broom closet or some other unusable room or space beneath them. The tiny home craze and innovative interior designers are using this space to gain creative storage solutions for your home.

Drawers in the stairs are one of the ways that you can effectively utilize this space. As seen the above from the blog, Tiny House Swoon, these drawers in the actual stairs create both steps to another level and tons of added storage.

3. Storage beneath the Stairs

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The second way to tackle this wasted space is to create drawers for storage beneath the stairs. Both of these ideas can be combined to optimize this space and get the most from this awkward space. The above picture, from Better Homes and Gardens, beautifully displays how useful and attractive this design idea can be.

4. Under Shelf Storage Baskets

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A great storage idea for any space with shelves and doors is this one from A Cultivated Nest. All you have to do is hang a sturdy wire basket onto the bottom of any shelf. This adds additional shelving space where you can store anything and utilize more of a shelf’s vertical space.

5. Install Jars Under Shelves

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One of the most creative storage solutions online comes from A Little Bit of This, That, and Everything. They use recycled glass jars to organize small items. By attaching the lids to the bottom of a shelf, the jars are securely held in a space that would otherwise be wasted.

If you don’t like the look of mismatched jars, you can do the same thing with jelly jars and canning lids and have a uniform look. If they ever get dirty, simply unscrew them and throw them in the dishwasher.

6. Hang Cork Board On the Insides of Cabinet Doors

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My So Called Home brings us this creative storage idea that is incredibly simple. Install cork board to the inside of any cabinet door for added storage. Push pins and cubicle storage pins and hooks will keep your small items out of the way and organized.

7. Tension Rod Dividers

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It is no surprise that the queen of organization and home life, Martha Stewart, came up with some creative storage solutions of her own. In this idea, she installed tension rods vertically in a shelf to keep items separate and easily accessible. Cutting boards, baking sheets, and dinnerware are great items to store this way.

8. Peg Boards

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When you think of creative storage solutions, peg boards have always been a staple. However, they are no longer only for the garage or garden shed. The above picture, from Organization Junkie, demonstrates the usefulness of peg boards.

Peg boards can be painted the same color of a wall to blend in and installed nearly anywhere. Use peg boards over desks, in the kitchen to hang pots and pans, or on the back of cabinets for a more useful and adjustable storage space.

9. PVC Storage for Tools with Handles

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Do you have brooms and dustpans piled up in your broom closet? Do you fear an avalanche when you try to retrieve a tool from inside your garden shed? If so, this inexpensive storage idea from Newly Woodwards is perfect for keeping your tools organized.

10: Hair Dryer and Flat Iron PVC Storage

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Although this idea was originally from another blog, which is no longer active, Till Then Smile Often does a great job of recreating it. Use a simple PVC pipe junction to create this storage solution for organizing your hairdryer and straightening iron.

11. Storage Behind the Sofa

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This storage solution from Cathy Green Interiors is another great example of creative storage. A sofa table behind the sofa doesn’t simply display your favorite photos and home decor; It also doubles as a unique storage space in plain sight.

12. Drop Leaf Storage Table

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If you need a table for your space, but don’t have the space for one all of the time, this drop leaf storage table is the perfect fit for you. The Noble Wife introduces us to this awesome little table that expands into a large work space when needed. The storage drawers are easily accessible from the side when the table is not in use.

13. Behind Mirror Storage

Midwest Living introduced us to this brilliant alternative to a medicine cabinet. This mirror, which debuted at the Kitchen and Bath Show, uses pull-out storage behind the mirror. This makes it a great solution for cramped bathrooms where the mirror on the medicine cabinet is too large. It also makes it easy to search when you need something out of it.

14. Hidden Between Stud Storage

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This awesome storage idea comes from Better Homes and Gardens via Decorating Your Small Space . The space between the walls in your home is completely wasted. That is unless you create storage space between the studs. These attractive framed photos hide items from view and are beautiful enough to display prominently in your home.

15. Under the Sink Storage

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If the area beneath your sink is a source of annoyance. This clever drawer with a cutout for your plumbing is the perfect solution. The Tiny Life shares this drawer that organizes the space under your sink that is normally wasted. Not only is it a great space to use, the individual dividers also make this a well-organized space.

16. Storage Wall Cabinet with Table

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As if storage that tucks everything neatly away weren’t enough. This creative storage solution, also by The Tiny Life, is off the floor storage that converts into a table, as needed. Store your items safely and securely in the shelves and when you are done using the table, simply fold it back together on the wall.

17. Storage Space Between Cabinets

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If you are remodeling your kitchen and find an awkward gap that is too small for a cabinet, try a this sliding storage between cabinets. Inside this sliding storage from Closet Works, you will find hanging storage, which is convenient for pots, pans, and cooking utensils.

18. Hanging Utensil and Knife Storage

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The final creative storage solution is simple and functional. Apartment Therapy displayed this idea in an article about a compact cabin. The owners used a magnetic strip to hold knives and a rod with S-hooks to hang kitchen utensils. The great part is they don’t take up drawer space or counter space and are very convenient to access.

Creative Storage Solutions

Which of these creative storage ideas do you like the most? Comment below and chime in on the conversation. Share your ideas, thoughts and opinions! Thanks for reading!

creative storage solutions