The side hustle is very popular today! I’m sure you have seen a thousand blog posts about how you can make money online. If you haven’t seen these posts, you can check out my “Make More Money” pin board on Pinterest. This board is loaded with ways to make money online.

The Truth About the Side Hustle

I started freelance writing and blogging as a side hustle, but turned into a career! I never would have imagined that I could make money online doing something I love!

The great news is you can do it too! If writing isn’t your thing, that’s okay. There are hundreds of side hustles out there. Reviewing websites, taking paid surveys, and posting ads to social media are all legit ways to side hustle.

Do You Want or Need More Money?

Your job pays the bills, but if you have cut back all that you can and are still struggling, a side hustle is a great option. You may have to try a few out to find what works for you, but I promise, it is worth the effort!

Do The Hustle!

Whether you are looking for a career, a way of to build your savings, or pay for your dream vacation, the side hustle is great way to earn extra income! It requires no commitment, and best of all, and you can earn extra cash in your spare time.

The following are some of the ways that you can earn side income. Take note that you may have to report this as income when you file taxes. Consult with your accountant or the IRS if you have tax questions!

Freelance Writing

There are three ways to get into freelance writing. You can write for content mills, apply for jobs on job boards, or write for magazines or online publications. All of these are easy to do in your spare time!

Content Mills

Content Mills get a bad rap because the pay is very low, but it isn’t horrible for a side income. When you have very little writing experience, these sites are an easy to make extra money without commitments.

To start writing content, you typically apply, take a writing test, and fill out a W4 form. Some websites provide you with a writing “level,” which determines your pay rate and the content you can write.

If you are interested in making money through any of the methods mentioned in this post, I have created a PDF to help you get started. You can download this PDF by using the following form:

Job Boards

Job boards are competitive. You can join free or paid job boards. Typically, job boards pay a bit more than content mills, but less than online and print publications.

To write for these jobs, you must send a query, or email, explaining why they should hire you! Don’t be discouraged if you don’t have any takers at first. This is normal. You may need to publish more work in order to get the better writing jobs.

For best results, make sure to read the entire job post carefully. Sometimes there are valuable details in the post that others may miss. This gives you an advantage!

Magazines and Publications

If you want to write for a magazine, that’s great! Magazines and print publications usually pay the most money, but they are highly competitive. They also take longer to pay you since they only pay upon publication. This means it could be months before you are paid for your work!

If you are interested in writing for a magazine, simply go to the magazine’s website. Scroll to the bottom of the website.  You should be able to find a link for “Writer’s Guidelines” or “Contact Us” for editorial contact information. If the magazine displays Writer’s Guidelines, read the directions carefully!

This screenshot is taken of the “Contact Us” link from Woman’s Day magazine’s website.

A screenshot of the “Writer’s Guidelines” on the Woman’s Day “Contact Us” page.


Surveys don’t pay much, but you can do them anywhere! I have done surveys on the treadmill at the gym and in long lines at the grocery store. If you have a busy life, this is an awesome way to earn money on the side!

With surveys, you are paid in cash or gift cards after you have earned enough points. There are several legitimate websites where you can earn money. A list of some of these websites is included in “The Side Hustle Guide” PDF, which you can download above or at the bottom of the post.

Virtual Assistant

If you are on social media frequently and love it, make money posting for others! Email is another task that may be completed by a VA or virtual assistant. If you are interested in becoming a VA, look for virtual assistant groups on Facebook and join groups that list VA jobs.

Post Ads on Social Media

You can also be paid to post ads on social media! It may take a while to earn money on ads until you have a ton of followers, but every little bit counts. When you post an ad on social media, you earn a commission on each purchase made through clicking the link you post. Easy peasy!

Website Testing

Websites want user feedback, which they use to improve their websites. That’s where website testing comes in. You can be paid $1 to $15 for 20 minutes of your time. To review a website, you will need to use a laptop or personal computer to record your experience on-screen and your audio as you navigate through a website. You perform specific tasks and make useful observations along the way and are paid well for your efforts.

Choose Your Hustle!

As I mentioned before, there are many side hustles out there! Download “The Side Hustle Guide” below for free. It provides links to 15 awesome websites that pay you cash to performed tasks in your spare time!

Do You Have Advice for Others?

Do you have a side hustle and want to provide advice? Is there anything you recommend staying away from? Let us know what you think in the comments! As always, thank you for reading!

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