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The most common excuse for women not including strength training in their fitness training is that they don’t want to get bulky. This argument is ridiculous and counterproductive to weight loss. Not only will it help you lose more weight, it will help you look leaner, and make your body stronger.

Strength Training Helps You Lose More Weight

It Burns Fat

Strength training is more efficient than cardio in burning fat, helping you lose more weight. While cardio burns calories while you are doing it, strength training continues to burn fat for 24 hours after you finish.

This is because when you perform strength training exercises, you create tiny tears in the fiber of your muscles. This why your muscles are sore after exercise. Your body has to repair those tears and it uses more calories in the process.

Muscle is Leaner than Fat

If you compare a pound of muscle to a pound of fat, you will notice the muscles is about 20 percent smaller than fat. Muscle also continues to tighten and compress as you strengthen it.

Over time this will make your body appear leaner. The texture of muscle is also much smoother than fat, which results in less flab and cellulite. Your body will appear leaner and more toned when you strength train.

Muscle Combats Loose Skin

If you are planning to lose a significant amount of weight, muscle is beneficial in filling in the gaps left behind when you lose fat. These gaps between your muscle and skin are what result in loose skin. Strength training will help prevent excessive loose skin, a common side effect of excessive weight loss.

Bulking Up Is Intentional

Body builders have to use a strict, high calorie, high protein diet to create bulk. If you are eating healthy, nutrient-rich veggies and a sensible amount of protein, you won’t bulk up. It will simply help you lose more weight. Your diet is the biggest factor in bulk, not weight lifting.

Muscle Boosts Your Metabolism

The amount of calories your body burns at rest is your metabolism. Having a higher metabolism will help you to lose more weight.  Muscle burns more calories at rest than fat and helps boost your metabolism for up to 72 hours after you exercise.

Strength Training is a Part of Healthy Weight Loss

Strength training is a great way to lose more weight. Not only will you lose the weight you desire, you will be leaner and stronger than you would be if you only performed cardio exercises.

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