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I am all about small steps. Why, you may ask? Because they have a huge impact on your life! A few days ago, I mentioned two small steps on my Twitter page that anyone can take!
The first small step I mentioned was drinking one less soda per day. The second step was putting one dollar in savings. I’m going to take an in-depth look at each of those small steps so that you can understand how something so small can improve your life!

One Can of Soda

I’m not going to lie; I love soda! Yes, I know it’s carbonated sugar and a waste of my caloric intake, but I still drink it. I admit it!
I’m not saying to drop it completely here. Instead of drinking a soda with your lunch, switch to water. If you do that for one meal, you save 150 calories a day!

The Big Picture

You may think 150 calories is nothing, but when you look at it, 150 calories a day for one year is 54,750 calories in a year! For most people this is between a 14 and 18 pounds of fat!
See, small steps can have a huge impact on your future! If you want to lose a few pounds and not have to do a thing, cutting one can of soda is a great place to start!

One Dollar

I’m sure you have heard someone say that people today don’t know the value of a dollar. You know what? I agree with them! Most people will say, “A dollar is nothing!” That way of thinking is what is hurting this generation.
If you place one dollar in savings, once per day, you will have $365 in savings in a year! This isn’t much, but it will significantly help cover the cost of a new appliance or the deductible on your auto insurace.

The Long Haul

If you don’t touch your this money, in ten years you will have $3,650. That’s a down payment on a car! It can also cover at least one month’s expenses for most people. If you end up without a job or unable to work, that dollar starts looking pretty good.
It’s amazing what you can do with a dollar. If you go a step further and invest that dollar in an IRA or 401k, that dollar is working for you! You’ll definitely appreciate it when you are ready to retire.

Small Steps Equal a Better Future

Yes, I am all about those small steps. They can add up and become great things for your future!
Do you have any suggestions for small things that you can do that have a great impact on your life? Share your thoughts in the comments!
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  1. Clematis Millican says:

    Absolutely awesome!! That gives us all something to think about with our future and health. Thank you so much! We all stay so busy and never think of better ways to help ourselves. Looking forward to more your ideas.

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